10 Ways to Make Your Pastors’ Day

Pastor Holding BibleI’m sure you remember Opposite Day when you were a kid. You wore your socks on your hands, your t-shirt inside out, your pants backwards and your shoes on the wrong feet. For some reason this was fun. Oh to be a kid again!

I’ve had the privilege of working on a church staff for fifteen years. If there is one thing I have learned about pastors it’s that they are overworked and under appreciated. Pastors seldom get words of encouragement. Here’s a thought. Consider how many words of praise or encouragement it takes to cancel out one word of criticism and how much criticism most pastors endure each day. Instead of being another critic, be a cheerleader to your pastor.

Why not bring back opposite day? No, I’m not asking you to wear your boxers outside of your pants to the office. Determine that you are going to do everything you can to encourage your pastor. Be different – opposite – for a day and make it your goal to knock your pastor’s socks off with affirmation. Here’s are some ideas to get you thinking:

1. Treat him to breakfast or lunch.

2. Buy him a new book.

3. Send his spouse flowers.

4. Swipe the keys to his car and get his car washed.

5. Write him a letter explaining why you appreciate him and are glad to be on his team.

6. Ask him for 15 minutes. Walk together to the church auditorium and pray over him.

7. Most pastors like two things – golf and Harleys. Since you can’t afford to buy him a Harley, take him golfing.

8. Write a blog post about why your pastor is so great.

9. Take his children for the evening and spoil them. You’ll give your pastor and his spouse a date night by themselves and will bless him by blessing his children.

10. This is going to be more expensive but very cool. Rent a bilboard and tell the world (at least your community) that you appreciate your pastor.

I’m sure with your help I could come up with a long list of ideas. But hey, you are in children’s ministry – you’re creative – so make it opposite day and start appreciating your pastor! And please don’t forget his spouse and kids! They’re in it together!


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2 Comments on “10 Ways to Make Your Pastors’ Day”

  1. 1 Kylie said at 7:17 am on March 11th, 2014:

    Great practical ideas here, esp to include the pastors family. I think our pastor enjoys just plain being liked, a lot of people have an agenda when they talk with him. I always smile, crack a joke, offer to make a coffee for him. It doesn’t have to be much, but you are right – it should be often. Heb 13:17 make it a task of joy to them, not groaning. (to be our leaders)

  2. 2 Ryan said at 11:21 am on March 11th, 2014:

    Love it! Hebrews 13:17 is a good one!

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