Top #kidmin Tweets of the Week

It’s time again for me to highlight some of my favorite tweets from the week (March 11-16). Keep those tweets coming!

jamie_doyle says: Children’s Ministries is the largest mission field – are you staying current with their culture?

jimwideman says: If you listen to God people will listen to you!

KarenApple says: Think about your church nursery differently and parents will think about children’s ministry differently. Who & what matters.

georgecprieto says: Sometimes what we see as a mistake, is really by design. Ever feel like your calling or location is a mistake? IT ISN’T!

katietutino says: Love it when planning kids lessons reminds me of how utterly awesome Jesus is!

CentriKidsCamps says: By the mercies of God… it’s the gospel that transforms.

SeanMCouch says: Every element in your experience should sync together so that the entire experience (not just the lesson) is THE message.

SetApart1994 says: Although methods may look different in #kidmin, the goal of evangelism, growth and discipleship are the same as other ministries of church.



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