Top #kidmin tweets of last week

Because of Christmas weekend, I am a few days late posting my top tweets of the week. These are my favorites from last week.

DanKubish says: One more time telling about the greatest gift of all time. Love my job! #kidmin 

RickWarren says: If I ignore God’s Purpose for me on earth, my life isnt worthless, but it is wasted.

danscott77 says: “she’ll see it later, dear, her eyes are frozen.” #christmasvacation!

brad_merchant says: When you say “God is good” because something goes your way, remind your soul He is equally as good in the moment your world falls apart.

perrynoble says: Have seen 120 people receive Christ over the past two nights at our Christmas parties!!! Have 20 more services to go! PUMPED!

michaelchanley says: BRAND NEW: Earn a #kidmin certificate from @INCM whilst attending


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