Top #kidmin Tweets of the Week

It’s time again for me to highlight some of my favorite tweets from the week (April 1-6). Keep those tweets coming!

MarkWilliamsM4 says: Sometimes we are called to change the culture…not just live in it.

kendragolden says: Finish the sentence to help me develop a series for elementary kids: A disciple is…

RicardoMiller1 says: The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs…One step at a time!

joybowen says: Why is the Easter Bunny getting all the attention?

trevormclee says: The point of #KidMin is not to make cool crafts, eat snacks or babysit. #KidMin points kids to Jesus- never compromise that point!

aaronjackbauer says: one of the greatest truths: if you can be trusted and faithful in small things, you will be trusted/faithful with bigger things.

adambayne says: If you’re a #kidmin leader & a parent, then it’s easy 2 assess your ministry. Ask yourself “Is this environment good enough for my child?”


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